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Instant Pot Salad Nicoise overhead

Instant Pot Salad Nicoise

This simple version of a composed salad known as Salad Nicoise cooks potatoes, beets, hard boiled eggs, and snap peas or string beans all at once in the Instant Pot (or any other pressure cooker). A great way to enjoy cooked ingredients in salad with just a single pot in a few minutes.

Course Main Course, Side Dish
Cuisine American, French
Keyword composed salad, eggs, Nicoise, salad, tuna, vegetables
Prep Time 35 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 43 minutes
Servings 2 servings
Author Laura



  • 2 large Yukon gold potatoes, cut into 1 1/2-inch cubes 12 ounces/350 g
  • 1-2 small beets, cut into 1-inch cubes 2-4 ounces/60-120 g
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 handful snap peas or string beans, ends cut and strings removed
  • 1/2 can of tuna
  • 8-10 cherry or grape tomatoes
  • other ingredients (see note)


  • See note


  1. Put the cubes of potato and beets on the bottom of the Instant Pot. Add the eggs (gently) on top, along with the snap peas or string beans loosely wrapped in a small piece of aluminum foil. (Leave at least one end of the foil open. Add 1/2 cup of cold water to the pot and close it. Turn the valve to "seal" (the opposite of "vent"), set it for high pressure and set the time for 2 minutes. It will take less than 5 minutes for the Instant Pot to pressurize and then the timer will begin to count down the 2 minutes. Once the timer goes off, use the quick release (with a towel, oven mitt, or something similar to protect your hand from the hot steam) and wait for the release to go down. Carefully unlock the pot cover and remove the vegetables and eggs.

  2. Using a spoon (because they are so hot) immerse the eggs in ice water, then peel and halve or quarter them. Run cold water over the potatoes, beets and snap peas or string beans to stop them from cooking. Drain them well and if desired, add a bit of dressing to those vegetables while they are still warm.

  3. Put the layer of lettuce and/or other greens on two plates or in two bowls. Then add half the potatoes, beets, eggs, snap peas or string beans and whatever else you're using, arranging them in the bowls as nicely as possible.

  4. Add dressing or serve on the side.

Recipe Notes

If you don't mind peeling the potatoes and beets before cooking, it makes them look prettier when done. In this version, I left the peels on until after cooking. Then they slip off more easily, but also create a more ragged look. Your choice. 

The add-ins are endless and up to your taste and creativity. Consider roasted peppers, capers, olives, cannellini beans or chick peas, carrots, celery, cucumbers, anchovies, and even feta cheese. I kept this particular salad fairly simple, but I often put in many more ingredients for a heartier (main course) salad. 

The amounts provided in this recipe make a large side salad. To make this a main course for lunch or supper, add more ingredients or double up on the amounts provided. You won't need to add more water to the Instant Pot if you double the potatoes, beets, eggs, and snap peas or string beans.

For dressing, if I'm putting one together (as opposed to simply drizzling on oil and vinegar) I use a simple vinaigrette. You can make it while the vegetables and eggs are cooking.